5 Mistakes That Will Kill Your Culture – Week 4

  Your culture will be your catalyst to outperform the competition and provide the type of service that creates loyalty. It’s what takes you from success to significance in the eyes of your customers.  This week we are continuing to break down the 5 Mistakes That Will Kill Your Culture. They are: Hire For the Wrong Reasons Focus on Tasks and Not Purpose Preach Values That You Don’t Live Incentivize the Wrong Activities Not Investing in Your Culture Last week we took a deeper look at the mistake of preaching values that you don’t live – click to see last weeks post – this week we will look at another culture killer – Incentivizing the wrong activities. It’s not only what leaders preach and what they live, but we also need to think about what we incentivize. What type of behaviors and what type of focus do our promotions, our
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