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Attitudes Are Contagious

I received an email last week from a lady thanking me for our first encounter (which I don’t remember) and it is a funny little story that proves the power of our attitudes. In her words… The first time I met you and Scott – we were on the elevator at The Wells Fargo Building – the day I checked out the company. You were both happy, enthused, I was tired & grumpy and you said “so how are you liking the event so far?” I said “I’m not all that high on info given via happy clappy propaganda”…. you

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Interview With Josh Hinds

I had a chance to interview Josh Hinds – who is one of the pioneers of personal development on the internet and the author of Perfect Timing Is A Myth. Josh puts out an incredible newsletter at and he has an amazing story that he shares in this 15 minute interview. Josh has overcome turrets syndrome and a major stutter to become a professional speaker. Listen to the interview here – Josh Hinds Interview You can find Josh at and check out his CD – Perfect Timing Is A Myth at

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