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The Power of Storytelling

Partnership is the new Leadership

How to Sell Yourself Without Bragging

The Core Four

Promote What You Love

Business is About Relationships

The Rule of Two

The Monkey Experiment

The Worst Speech I've Ever Had

Storytelling is the most influential form of communication. To be a more influential leader/ salesperson or to create a solid business story that will insure that you are remembered and engage your listener to take action, this is the perfect keynote for you and your team.

The age old adage said that leadership was based on title, position or authority, but in todays world Partnership is the New Leadership. In this keynote Ty Bennett shatters old school thinking and provides practical strategies for todays relevant leaders.

The function of leadership is to produce other leaders not followers. With this target in mind, Ty will walk you through the four levels of mentorship: Modeling, Coaching, Consulting and Empowering with the goal of building future leadership throughout your organization and retaining key talent with growth opportunities within your organization. 

How can we better equip ourselves to deal with fear, failure and focus as individuals – in our organizations – in our community? With everything happening in our world, what can we do to help each other deal with their own relationships to all three? In this deeply engaging virtual keynote experience, using the example of American Ninja Warrior, Ty demonstrates how to shift our mindsets to better understand this new world we’re in.