Speech Coach & Consultant

“I’ve studied speaking and story telling a lot, attended ToastMasters, The National Speakers Association and the Timpanogos Storytelling Festival. I’ve received more helpful instruction from Ty.”

Marilyn Starr Harris
Author, Unlocking Your Beauty Code

Speaking and communicating your message with influence is the fastest way to move your business and career forward. As a sought after speech coach – Ty has helped professional speakers, politicians, corporate executives, sales people, network marketers, lawyers, coaches, and authors to perfect their message and delivery. Ty has also worked with companies and organizations to develop their story and messaging to be succinct, persuasive and compelling. Ty has spoken to fortune 500 companies and associations representing diverse industries. He has delivered thousands of speeches in the last ten years and through his experience has been a student of his craft. This study has allowed Ty to identify and distill the keys to:

  • Engaging Your Audience From Your First Word
  • Speaking With Confidence
  • Structuring Your Speech So That It Is Logical and Impactful
  • Connecting With Your Audience So That You and Your Message Are Remembered Long After Your Speech
  • Cause Your Audience To Take Action On Your Ideas, Buy Your Products or Follow Your Vision

“I want to thank you for the intense efforts you have made to put all of your creativity, talent, passion and time into making me a better communicator. Being a business owner I am always looking for ways to improve my communication skills. I was able to immediately implement many of the things that I learned from our first session and it definitely increased the connectivity with my audience. Thank you Ty!”

Deborah Adar
Vice President
Adar International Inc.

Ty has a unique ability to make the complex simple. His lessons and instructions are easy to understand and can be implemented quickly. His approach to working with clients moves way beyond simple teaching though, as he gets very “hands-on” to analyze and better your skills as a speaker/presenter.

To find out more about working with Ty to perfect your presentation skills, contact us at 888-773-8467 or info@leadershipinc.com

“I believe giving credit where credit is due. I have been in the game for 15+ years, I have spoken to and entertained over 200,000 people. I have paid over $40,000 on speaker training. Your four disc training gave purpose to my speech last night. I gave the speech of a lifetime last night and I acknowledge you for the inspiration. Thank you for sharing your brilliance with the world.”

Woody Woodward

“Ty Bennett has been instrumental in building my speaking career, allowing me to be years ahead of the learning curve thanks to his insights and advice. Due to his program, my storytelling abilities have improved as well as my ability to assess the needs of the audience to be able to craft my speeches accordingly. Because of the skills I gained through Ty’s program, my speaking fee has increased from hundreds of dollars a speech to thousands of dollars a speech! Others have noted how… but the credit goes to Ty.”

Kyle Johnson

“Ty Bennett is a talented and engaging speaker. His presentations are top-notch and he is sure to inspire. I spent the day working with Ty as he demonstrated his speaking, story-telling skills and marketing savy to a small group of students eager to learn all that Ty has learned about the speaking business. He provided more content then we could have imagined in the full day 12 hour speaker training. I would highly recommend Ty for both his speaking and speaker training.”

Laura Lane