Top Ten Reasons To Hire Ty Bennett

1. Ty has the leadership credentials necessary to give him the authority to speak to companies around the world.

“It is rare to find a speaker that has built a multi-million dollar business at such a young age. Ty has energy, experience and wisdom beyond his years, and he is a great speaker, one you won’t forget!”

Peter Vidmar
Olympic Gold Medalist and Hall of Fame Speaker

2. Ty is a new voice that is young, fresh, and dynamic. Never boring or ordinary.

“I got great feedback on you from the client! Thanks for doing such an outstanding job! I truly believe that you were their favorite speaker of all time!”

Richard Schelp
Executive Speakers Bureau

3. His message is entertaining, yet even more important it offers tangible suggestions that can provide immediate changes. Attendees will walk away with concrete steps they can immediately use to improve their lives and careers.

“You blended a very unique blend of applicable management concepts with a style that is engaging, transparent and fresh.”

David Westergaard
CFO, Riddle’s Jewelry

“The overwhelming majority, (greater than 95%) of our attendees indicated that the concepts presented would directly help them in their workplace activities.”

JJ Acker
Public Managers Program

4. His books, The Power of Influence & The Power of Storytelling, are rapidly gaining attention and are even being used in several graduate MBA programs, including MIT.

“I believe Ty’s message on leadership and influence is universal but his examples were customized to our industry and his ideas were ones that everyone felt would make them more effective.”

Cari Maser
Vice President and Conference Chair – Michigan Recruitment and Retention Network

5. Ty is easy to work with and wants to make every step of the process as simple and as smooth as possible.

“It was a pleasure to work with you in the planning process. The time that you took to understand the goals for our conference as well as to learn who we are as an organization and what our vision is was appreciated.”

Joy Lambright Liechty
Everence Financial

“In preparing for the meeting, I found Ty to be engaging, and genuinely interested in addressing the unique leadership challenges within our company. He was also diligent and well organized in the planning process, and contacted me several times to ensure that the meeting would go smoothly, and that he would be ‘scratching where we were itching.’ We have several speakers come to our company ever year, and I have found Ty’s level of commitment to understanding our needs, and his willingness to tailor his message accordingly, to be very rare.”

Liz Hall
C&A Industries

6. His book, The Power of Influence, is rapidly gaining attention and is even being used in graduate MBA programs.

“Big ideas can come in small packages, and this gem by Ty Bennett shines. Frank, authoritative, and informative, The Power of Influence compiles some of the best examples of influence available from today’s greatest leaders.”

Stephen M. R. Covey
author of the New York Times bestseller, The Speed of Trust

7. Ty will deliver insight and inspiration, while being one of the most entertaining speakers you can hire.

“We hired Ty Bennett to coach our law firm’s leaders about performance management, but we ended up getting so much more than that. His lessons on leadership taught us how to empower and influence people. Filled with anecdotes to re-affirm his points, his fresh and engaging presentation captivated our employees. Ty proved he not only educates but also entertains.”

Joseph E. Cordell
Principal at Cordell & Cordell Law Firm

8. Ty is a dynamic storyteller who will captivate your audience.

“We all felt the authenticity within inspiring leadership messages and the poignancy of the stories told by Mr. Bennett. He has a natural ability as a storyteller; he was able to connect with both our hearts and our minds….”

Maria Carbajal
Head of Montreal Site, Ericsson Canada, Inc.

9. Ty consistently receives the top ratings and recommendations from post-event evaluations and meeting planners.

“The feedback from our audience was extremely positive and we heard consistently that he was the best speaker we had ever hired. In fact, we conducted a survey and our organization voted to have him back again this year!”

Gary Turnidge
Subway Inland Development NW

“In survey feedback, one attendee said “I have never, ever seen such a great presentation!” “On a scale of 1-5 with 5 being best, the audience gave him an average rating of 4.95!”

Jodi Hoynoski
Holstein Foundation

10. OUR TRUTH GUARANTEE. If Ty does not meet or exceed your expectations, we will refund your money… and that’s the Truth!

Where else can you have that kind of guarantee?